A Medieval Christmas

a candlelit celebration of Christmas in olden times with songs, poetry, dances and Christmas stories

A Medieval Christmas transports you back to another age through readings & stories, such as poems advising against over-drinking, accounts of harsh winters and a description of Christmas at the court of King Arthur. Through medieval and more recent poems and prose, we look back at long traditions dating back to the Middle Ages and the spirit of Christmas past.

The music includes a selection of the most beautiful medieval carols, some of which are still sung today.  There are also songs about winter, songs to the Virgin Mary and a bawdy drinking song from the Carmina Burana.

“a really magical evening, beautifully balanced between a sense of mystery and awe, and the revellry and folky style that has roots deeper probably than the Christian story. You could tell how much the audience enjoyed it too!”

Deborah Roberts, Co-Artistic Director, Brighton Early Music Festival

“a serenely satisfying evening”
Karen Dugdale, The Argus (December 2009)

“the lights atmospherically dimmed and church candles lit, added reverential seasonal splendour to the melancholy chants of traditional medieval carols.
The musicians couldn’t be faulted as they recreated the sounds of medieval merriment through an eclectic array of instruments, from bagpipes and harp, to recorder and viol”.
Karen Dugdale, The Argus (December 2009)