Unsung Heroine

Unsung Heroine:
the imagined history of troubadour Countess Beatriz de Dia.

This intimate piece of “concert-theatre” takes you back to the heady atmosphere of Provence in the 12th century. The evening combines the plaintive music and poetry of the troubadours, foot-stomping medieval dances and a narrative for actress Jan Chappell as the redoubtable Beatriz.

The story imagines how Beatriz came to write her impassioned song A Chantar, the only example of a troubadour song by a woman, where both the poetry and melody have survived. Beatriz’s poetry is grounded in the rules of courtly love. She lives in a world where emotions are sacrificed to the strait-jacket of ritual: her only recourse is to channel her pain, love and desire for revenge into this passionate song.

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